• A 1000$ deposit is payable to confirm your booking.

  • A 50% deposit must be paid if you're planning to hunt Big and Exotic game.

  • Please note that all accommodation charges must be settled in-full before arrival on your safari.

  • All game shot or wounded must be paid in-full before your departure from the farm.

  • Internet facilities are available for electronic transfers.

  • Card facilities are available. MasterCard and Visa cards are welcome(please make sure that you arrange with your bank in order for your card to work in foreign countries otherwise the transaction will be declined).

  • We regretfully do not accept any cheques. 

  • 15% VAT (VALUE ADDED TAX) must be paid for all animals wounded and lost, daily rates as well as trophies not exported (Foreign visitors will be able to claim back the VAT amount paid at the International departure hall, before departure).