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Blinds at waterholes:
This method is definitely the most successful method in taking quantity and quality of animals. Although some portable or pop-up blinds might be used, most of our blinds will be permanently enclosed pit blinds. When the door is shut, and windows closed these blinds are completely sealed to eliminate human odour and noise drifting to game. The blinds are built in different directions in order to allow hunters to hunt during any wind direction. They are also dark on the inside to minimize movements after opening the windows. The blinds are built with one-way windows on 3 sides of the blind. These windows are spaced so that you can view the whole area while sitting on your chair. No need to stand up and peak through windows! They are built big enough for two, maybe three, people. Average shot distances to water will be 16 yards and only 12 yards to the minerals!

There are a few factors that play a role when building a blind. It is as follow:

  1. Wind direction: Pick the right location according to your wind direction. In our part of the world we also get cold fronts coming through which change our normal wind direction from north-east to south. Pay attention to possible different wind directions.

  2. Game approaching direction: Keep in mind from which side you would think most game would come when approaching the waterhole as you do not want to be in their path.

  3. Cover: Try to put most of your blind in shade or somewhere where there is a bit of cover as the blind needs to blend within its surrounding.

  4. Keep your shot distances under 20 yards. All our blinds are built with an average shot distance of 16 yards with the closer shot at minerals at 12 yards and the longest shot at the water being 19 yards.

  5. Scent and noise control: Our blinds are also very close to airtight for smell and noise control. All windows as well as the door can seal almost 100%.

  6. Darkness: Keep your blind dark on the inside so that the game cannot see movements after opening the windows to shoot.

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