Are there any other activities besides hunting?

Yes, refer to the activities page under information.

Are there any diseases in the area, malaria for instance?

Refer to the precautions page under information.

How is the weather and what types of clothing are ideal?

Refer to the climate page under information.

Will my electronics be compatible in South Africa?

Yes, but it is important to remember that South African voltage is 220V compared to that of the US for instance that is 110V, so a adapter will be needed to recharge your electronics

  S.A. plug                                          U.S. plug                                           Adapter

Is there any medical assistance on the farm should there be an accident?

Yes, the PH have been trained to deal with basic injuries but there are a 24hour medical hospital (Mediclinic) 25 minutes drive from the farm should it be serious.

Can I hunt with a bow?

Yes, refer to types of hunt page under information.

I don't have my own rifle, can I rent a rifle?

Yes, refer to daily rates under rates and services page for renting fees.

How and when do I settle my account?

Refer to the payment options page under information.