Rifle hunt:

Most safaris are usually done with a rifle. The most

common size rifle used for plains game hunting is a

.308 and a .243 for night and small animals. It is the

decision of the hunter to decide which size calibre will

be used for the specific hunt (check minimum require-

ments for big and exotic game). The average shooting

distance on the safari is 70-150 yards. It is recommended that you zero your rifle at 100 yards. Rifle hunting are done by walk and stalk and hunting vehicles. Rifles can be rented per day at a small fee.

Bow hunting:

We do our part when it comes to bow hunting. Our

facilities speaks for themselves. Hides have been

selectively placed all over the hunting area to en-

sure that you succeed in your desired hunt. All types

of plains game can be hunted with a bow. Big and

exotic game must be arranged before the hunt so

that all the needed preparations are done. Trial

cameras are also placed next to the blinds to

monitor the activity in the area. The average distance for the bow hunter would  be 25-30 yards when shooting out of the hide. There are no import permits required nor any charges.